Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lagodekhi national park in georgia

The national park of Lagodekhi represents the wonderful heavenly spot before fans of the pure and untouched nature. This corner is in the east of Georgia in the historical Kakheti area. If to speak in more detail about park sites, it can be found on the southern slope of the mountain system of East Caucasus. Practically all park is covered with greens if it happens to find a site without dense vegetation, this site will be by all means occupied with any reservoir.

As a whole, characterizing flora of national park of Lagodekhi, it is worth referring to biocenoses quite typical for Georgia. From rare plants in the reserved territory it is possible to meet two peonies: Mlokosevich (Paeonia mlokosiewiczi) and lagodekhsky (P. lagodechiana), Smirnov's (Gymnospermium smirnowi) golosemyannik and Julia's (Primula juliae) primrose. The park fauna also not a board bast, in its structure is observed the mass of the most very interesting animal species. That costed only by one brown bear living in the territory of park of Lagodekhi as a part of very large population.

Also on open spaces of Kakheti in national park of Lagodekhi it is possible to meet a wild wild boar, the East Caucasian round, a chamois, the roe, a red deer, a lynx, a wolf. From birds living in park the greatest interest is represented by a golden eagle, the bearded man, the Caucasian mountain turkey, Sapsan. In the environment of amphibians the Caucasian frog is most numerous.

Uniqueness of park of Lagodekhi consists not only in its nature. The structure and the structure of park in much are other than other Georgian nature protection territories. In this plan it will be most important to designate that the national park of Lagodekhi is not in state, and in private submission. The territory of park is leased to the individual to Nikoloz Mandzhgaladze for a period of 10 years. This transfer took place during work of special auction on July 5, 2010. As this auction saw off state Agentsvo on protection of territories, and the tenant will monthly pay it a rent of 1 647 lari (about 950 US dollars). Together with national park, the winner of auction received duties to develop hotel and souvenir services in establishment.

General information on national park of Lagodekhi. Originally (in 2003) on its territory appeared the reserve under the name Lagodekhsky, then its area made 1 996 hectares. The status of national park received nature protection object two years of the late.


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